Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing with Play-do

Oh, remember the days of playing with squishy, colorful play-do? There is nothing like opening up a brand new container of it, just waiting to create snakes, balls, and hamburgers. Sawyer received 4 containers today from his teacher at school. He carried it all the way home and immediately started playing with it as soon as we walked through the door. He was excited to start creating.I love watching him work things out. Every piece has a specific place to be. And he is definitely a builder-he likes to stack things on top of each other. He had just as much fun with the containers as he did with the play-do.He is also not one to keep the colors separated. I used to know people who would flip out if the colors got mixed together-honestly what fun is that? Here is my own looks like a piece of art, don't you think? I could play with a ball of play-do for hours......I love it!When I walked into our bathroom tonight, I was surprised to find Santa in the tub!! I guess he came early to our house to take a bubble bath!!!

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