Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came and Jonnie was completely reassured that Santa is real and the two of them were beyond excited! They woke us up around 8:00. Sawyer was sleeping in our bed with no signs of waking up. After waiting for a little while and checking out the presents under the tree Jonnie went up to check on Sawyer.....
He obviously woke him up and Sawyer was just not ready to deal with everything.

Once they checked their stockings and Sawyer saw that there was chocolate in them, he perked up and was ready to open presents.
Even Dexter and Ollie got a special treat.
"I love you dad"
Here are a few pictures of the kids opening gifts. Some favorites were the fish tank Alaina got, the cd player and walkie talkie's for Jonnie, and the Handy Manny tools and blocks for Sawyer.

After Christmas at our house, we headed to the church for the Wiegmann (Jon's mom's side) Christmas. It was smaller than usual this year as quite a few families were headed elsewhere. It was still nice to see everyone, esp. Jon's grandma (:

Here are Jonnie, Sawyer, and Tucker......I was trying so hard to get the perfect picture, but Sawyer was trying to be funny-it's still cute, I guess (:
Grandma brought some things to paint and the kids had fun doing that for awhile.
You know Sawyer is concentrating hard when his tongue comes out.

A Christmas miracle happened and we may never witness it again. Grandpa Jon is doing dishes?!?!

Here they are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

We had a great Christmas once again and I will cherish these years forever.

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