Sunday, December 16, 2007

A very Christmasy weekend!

We had a very Christmasy weekend. One important note is that a finished ALL my shopping on Saturday!! A new record for me-I am looking forward to not buying one more thing this week and now it is on to the gift wrapping!
Saturday the kids and I headed out to the mall, which by the way was crazy, and I thought about turning around the minute I walked in, but I was on a mission and knew it had to be done. After buying my last minute gifts, I took the kids to see Santa. Sawyer was so excited and was waving and saying, "HO HO HO!" That is until we got closer-he did not want to sit on his lap and I did not even attempt :) He was happy giving him "five" and smiling from a distance. Alaina felt too old to sit on Santa's lap, so she kind of stood beside him. Later she told me that it was weird to sit on an old man's lap she didn't know and I had to agree with her. Jonnie was sooo excited to finally see Santa and tell him what he wanted. He jumped right up there and didn't mind a bit (; The picture says it all-I love it!!

That night Jon and I went out to dinner at Green Mill for our anniversary and I ate way too much, as usual. Then, we came home and made some Christmas treats for the church program the next day. Then, the Santa train came through town at 8:00. That was pretty cool to see a lit up train coming down the tracks! Jon and I thought it was moving way too fast to be able to stop in Pennock, but it did (: Once again Santa, Mrs. Claus, snowmen, etc. were on it and also my adorable niece Allison! She was singing with her choir and dancing on the train. It was so fun to see her-she looked so cute and having so much fun! It didn't last long, for that I was grateful because it was freezing!
On to today~the kids had there Christmas program this morning at church and they did a great job! They both remembered their lines and looked adorable! It was fun to see all the kids up there doing so good and they all worked so hard in preparation! Sawyer stayed quiet during the play by eating FIVE fruit snacks-found in a ladies purse sitting next to us! Thankfully, she has lots of grandkids and didn't mind sharing (: Needless to say, he hasn't eaten anything else today!

Some of the kids weren't as happy-I love this picture (:

Hope you all had a great, fun, and festive weekend!


Anonymous said...

Lorrie, I love your blogs, they always make me smile. You have such a beautiful family. Happy Anniversary to you and Jon, hardly seems possible that you have been married 10 years.
Congratulations on finishing your shopping, I am envious.
Love, Aunt Sandy

Chris said...

Hey Lor! You had a fantastic weekend! Allison loved seeing you guys on Saturday night, too. We were here in Willmar, waiting for her, too, and when the train came in many people in the crowd yelled, "SLOW DOWN!!" We didn't think they were going to stop either....way too fast, I thought. But it was very cute to see her and her friends dancing it up.
I also heard from a few people how great they did at their XMas program, too. Wish I could have seen it!
Congrats on getting your shopping done, too. I'm jealous!

My Lifesong said...

This is what makes Christmas so special! Lots going on...nice photo with Santa, the Christmas pageant @ Church,(also wish we could have seen it), dancing with Allison. Great memories.

Following Forward said...

Lorrie, these pictures are sooo cute!!! Puts me even mor ein the Christmas Spirit! :)

Lorrie said...

Thanks, all! We are having so much fun this year-the kids are all at perfect ages to make it so exciting and fun!

Julie B said...

what a great weekend! I love the Santa on the train idea-so neat! We had Santa come by on the firetruck Friday night, which the girls enjoyed but were kind of confused by ("Why is he on a firetruck?" "Where is his sled?")
The photos are great! I loved the Santa one-Jonnie looks so excited! How cute.
I was laughing at Sawyer eating all the fruit snacks at church! Did you forget he was behind you? :)-

Lorrie said...

He was actually right in front of me and kept sneaking in her purse-she would laugh and just kept giving them to him and yes, it was easier to just keep feeding him so I could enjoy the play in peace...(:

Julie B said...

now I understand! When I first read it, I had the impression that you found him with 5 fruit snacks :)
I would have have done the same thing-its the only way Mara and I get through speech and dance class. As soon as she sits down, she says "snack!" :)-

Peace is every step said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids with Santa! Jon's little hand on Santa's is precious.