Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at the Le Bons

We had a great time at my mom's on Saturday. It was fun to hang out with my parents, sisters and nieces and nephews. It is always fun to watch the cousins run around and play together. We decided to simplify things a little this year and had lasagna, garlic bread, and salad with cheesecake for dessert. I thought it was delicious since lasagna is one of my favorite meals! Here are a few pictures of the day.....

Mom and Dad expecting their 15th grandchild any day and just found out #16 will be here in July! That is what happens when you have 6 kids, I guess (:

Chuck just one of the boys as always!

Nvea and Sawyer both liked the same things this year and would take turns holding the sheep and baby dolls. It was very sweet, unless they both wanted the same thing (:

Typical Chrissy pose-always photogenic (:

Sharyn unaware of her picture being taken....

Getting ready to open gifts-Don't look so excited girls! It is crazy having all these teenage girls now in the family-when did they all grow up?

Sawyer opening up his Vikings sweat suit-he was so excited about it or maybe it was all of us smiling and excited looking at him (:

More gift opening.....

Cortney and Cassidy-almost teenagers! They look less alike as they get older I think!

My beautiful girl!

He was working so hard.

Sweet Dad and daughter shot-they both fell asleep on the couch together-she is such a daddy's girl (:

I loved seeing everyone and hopefully we will get together again soon! We missed you Julie and Adam!


Peace is every step said...

It was a great day! I've gotta say this year Christmas really felt like Christmas--it was just great all around. We didn't feel rushed anywhere, got to spend time with everyone, and got simple & thoughtful gifts.

Julie B said...

LOVED seeing the pictures-thanks for posting them!

Shawn said...

What about hanging out with brother-in laws????????

Lorrie said...

HaHa, I actually thought about that when I wrote it (: It was great hanging out with the Bro-in-laws, too!!