Monday, December 3, 2007

Breakfast Buddies

Sawyer loves to join Daddy for his second breakfast of the day-I just love these pictures of them!
And don't forget to drink a cold, delicious Fanta-haha (:


Julie B said...

I love these photos as well...Sawyer reminds me of Mara in them for some reason :) I love how he is concentrating on scooping out some cereal!
I love the natural light-getting good use from your new camera?

Lorrie said...

I love the new camera-they are beautiful on the camera, but since I have to download them from my old camera to my computer(make sense) they do not come out as crisp and nice as they should. I need a new computer to be able to download the correct canon software for my camera. O.K. that got a little long (: I can see Mara in him a little, too. I think they have the same coloring.

Chris said...

This is an adorable picture. I know how much he loves his food...and sharing with everyone else. :)

Along with the Fanta...have half a loaf of toasted bread, too. You weren't kidding when you said his family loves their bread. :)

Peace is every step said...

I love the pictures-so sweet! I could gag at the thought of "Fanta" in the morning-yuk!