Saturday, December 1, 2007


Our backyard in the early afternoon
Today we are getting are first snowfall of the season! They are still saying we are supposed to get 8-10 inches! I am so excited and just love the first snowfall and being trapped in my house (: I rented movies yesterday and picked up snacks. The kids and I are in our cozy sweats and we just started a fire! I love weekend snowstorms because no one has to worry about work or going anywhere. I may feel stir crazy tomorrow, but for now I am lovin it!

The boys fascinated by the fire

Right after this picture was taken, the fire took off and was really big-here it looks pathetic (:


Peace is every step said...

I wish I had a cozy fire to cuddle up to. Can't wait to go skiing tomorrow!!! We are getting 16+inches up here. Yipee!!!!

Chris said...

Oh how fun!! I LOVED yesterday, too. I was so ready for more snow, though. The first fire of the season--I bet Sawyer just loved it! I can just hear him--'hot! hot!'

Julie B said...

it looks so cozy and fun! I was in my pjs yesterday all day too :)