Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby Love

The sweetest thing happened tonight. Sawyer has started noticing babies and sometimes fake cries when he sees one of Alaina's baby dolls. Well, tonight he came out of Alaina's room carrying this baby doll and a blanket. He came into the kitchen where I was and kept saying, "mama oooh, mama oohh" in a high pitched voice. At this point, I thought that was the cutest thing ever until he laid the baby down and spent a long time trying to get the blanket wrapped around it. He was being so careful!

At this point, I thought that was the cutest thing ever until he then laid down beside the baby and was staring at it real close and talking in high pitched words (not sure what he was saying though;)). He was also rubbing her head. The best part was how serious his face was. (:

Now, I didn't think it could get any sweeter until he bent down and started kissing baby-I mean loud lip smacking kisses! It was soooo cute!! He is the sweetest thing ever!! I may just have to get him his own dolly for Christmas (:


Julie B said...

awww definitely get him his own dolly!! What a sweetie you have there! I love it, and love the photos as well!!

Peace is every step said...

He needs his own little baby! So sweet & such a reflection of what good mothering he's getting :).

Maja said...

Hahaha, SO CUTE! Tell Sawyer he is welcome to come babysit for us. Hehe :)

My Lifesong said...

Maybe he needs a baby brother, or sister? So precious!