Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Sawyer!

Oh, the joy
of a four year old boy.
Magic, imagination, so much fun
biking, playing, and ready to run.
With your head full of curls and your blue eyes aglow,
you make me laugh every day as you put on your "show."
My sweet little boy, no longer a baby
but perhaps you'll still let me cuddle you a little longer, maybe?
Trying to be big like you brother and prove your strength every day,
but at night it is our time to rock, tell stories, sing, and to say-
"I will love you forever, don't ever forget,
your my sunshine, my smile, my superhero to go on adventures with."
Don't grow too fast, I tell you everyday,
as my heart grows heavy as my littlest one, the baby in you, slips away.
But there are new adventures to share with one another,
your friend, your playmate, your hug, your mother.

I love you more than YOU will ever know-Happy Birthday little buddy!

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