Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Allison's Graduation

Another niece has graduated making me feel old again. Honestly, it feels like it was not long ago since I graduated! Allison and her family moved to Colorado two years ago, but she moved back to complete her senior year here with her friends. Her grad party was at her Aunt Lynn's house and it ended up raining all day, but worked out fine.

Here's my younger sister Danielle and I. You wouldn't know it, but I actually curled my hair that day. Rain and my hair do not go together.

Here she is with her mother and my sister, Chris.

Here's my oldest sister, Sharyn with her girls, Raquel, Cassidy, and Courtney.

All the younger kids stayed in the basement and played with Legos. They were a life saver!

Alaina and Sawyer


My nephew, Liam.

Nephew Mitchell visiting from Colorado.

Other nephew, Aidan

The Johnson ladies-Ashley, Allison, and Chris

Sharyn and Alaina

Allison is going to The University of Colorado-Fort Collins next fall. She is such a sweet, smart, wonderful girl and I know she will go far in life! Love you Allison.

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