Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Halloween in June?

Alaina, Katelyn, Jonnie

My niece Katelyn had a sleepover last night and the kids decided to dress up in masks they had found. The funniest part is if you click on the picture to make it bigger and look at their eyes! Jonnie looks like he is missing one and Kate's look hilarious-I couldn't stop laughing (:
They stayed up until almost 1:00 am and got along surprising well the next day! She was fun to have and fits right in with the rest of them.


Anonymous said...

You sure have fun dress up stuff. You are making some great memories for your kids. It was fun seeing you on Sunday.
Love, Sandy

Chris said...

I can see why Sawyer didn't like this picture. A princess shouldn't have such an ugly face. :) The eyeballs are hilarious!

Julie B said...

so funny! I love the eyes. Glad they had so much fun!
Resting seems nearly impossible these days, but I am trying! We'll just see what the doctor says Monday, as right now I am not too concerned. We haven't even gotten diapers and clothes down from the attic yet-hopefully this weekend!
Give me a call sometime-I feel so disconnected from everyone lately. It would be nice to talk!

Peace is every step said...

Love the eyes---it gave me a good laugh today before work!