Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Graduate

Yesterday we spent the day in Elk River at my niece Raquel's graduation. I still can't believe she is done with high school......It seems like just yesterday she was Alaina's age. She has grown into such a beautiful young woman and I am so proud of her! She plans to go to St. Cloud State this fall and possible pursue a nursing degree-we shall see!
My mom made her a graduation quilt and we all put words of wisdom and inspirational quotes on it (I still like mine best-haha) and it turned out very nice-she was happy with it (:

Here is another one of my nieces, Ashley trying to hold Sawyer still for 2 seconds-he was Mr. independent yesterday.

Here are the Johnson ladies. Alaina said Ashley and Allison both look like Aunt Chrissy, but they don't look like each other-I have to agree.....they are all beautiful (: They will be moving to Colorado this Tuesday and I get a lump in my throat every time I think about will be a hard day for me tomorrow saying goodbye.

Here are some of the ladies in the family.........
Sharyn gave the kids water balloons to throw and play catch with. When I went out front this is what I found.....they were all soaking wet!! At least they had fun (:
Two old men having a chat about their day and discussing life......(:
We wrapped up the day playing volleyball-It was a lot of fun watching them!
Shawn and I didn't participate in the volleyball game as we were watching the two youngest. I didn't mind as I have never liked volleyball-I always seem to get hurt....Chrissy actually did and burst a blood vessel in her wrist-it looked horrible and I have never seen anything like it- it scared me but I learned there is nothing you can do about it except put ice on it.

Well, that was the day and I had a lot of fun seeing everyone. It is always fun getting all the cousins together-they always have so much fun! And I love hanging out with my family (:


Julie B said...

such great photos! I would have loved to have been looks like you all had fun!

My Lifesong said...

It was a great day to spend with our beautiful granddaughter, and family.

Chris said...

That day was soooo fun, I agree. Raquel is such a beautiful grad.--and so are all her cousins.
My arm was horrible for days afterwards. Today (a week and two days after) the bruise is finally going away. I had a hard time lifting things in the move because of it. Who would have guessed a broken blood vessel could look so awful?
Julie, it would have been great to have you and Adam there, too. Pretty soon we'll have to put our own family reunion on the calendar.