Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip

Today, I had the privilege of chaperoning Sawyer's field trip to the Amazen Farmyard. I had so much fun with him and all his friends.  He really has an awesome class and teacher and I am really sad it is ending for him.

Here he is with Ethan and Annie waiting to jump in the bounce houses.
His teacher, Mrs. Hulscher is right in there with all the kids!
His whole class went down the slide!
Next, we went through the maze, which I thought was very hard and confusing.  I even got a little nauseous going around and around.  We didn't complete the whole thing and eventually cheated our way out.

The rest of the time was spent looking at the many animals they have there,

going down the big slide,
and riding the train.  Here is a picture of his whole class.  I'm really going to miss these kids and especially his awesome teacher!
But Sawyer is an amazing boy and I know he will make great friends in first grade, too.
I am always so proud of him when I see him with others.  He is kind and friends with everyone.  He is also so respectful to his teacher and all the adults he is in contact with. Plus, he is really a funny kid-I love what comes out of his mouth sometimes!
I just love this boy and he makes my heart full.

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