Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Sawyer!

Sawyer turned 7 today!  His party is not until tomorrow, but we let him open his gifts from us.
 He also go to pick out what we should eat for supper and he chose to roast hot dogs over the fire pit-he's my kind of boy!
 Plus, he had to have a candle to blow out on his actual birthday, so I picked up some Dairy Queen ice cream sundaes.  
 He wouldn't tell me what he wished for, though.
 The next day was his party and once again he chose to have it at the pool.  Since it was a pool party, I made him a cake with bears at the pool!  He LOVED it, so I was happy.  Plus, it was really fun to make.

 We all had a great time at the pool and his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and a good friend were all able to come.

 Sawyer and his good friend Elijah.

 Now for the best part~cake and presents!
 I love the look they are giving each other here.

 Then it was back to swimming! 
 And finally we wrapped up the birthday week with dinner at Applebee's.
Happy Birthday little buddy, you mean the world to us! We love you.

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