Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a pretty great Halloween this year.  My older two are getting older but they still like to dress up and act goofy.  Here they are carving our pumpkins.  Alaina found out her pumpkin was hard as a rock, so she carved a gourd. 

The results!  I love how Alaina is the oldest and she has the smallest pumpkin and Sawyer the youngest with the largest pumpkin.  It was a hilarious night and they had their mother laughing until she cried (:  

The Saturday before Halloween we went to Melanie's annual Halloween party.  Jon, Sawyer, and I went as a rock band as you can see.  And as you can also see, we rocked.
Alaina went as an Alien.  She chose this so that she could do her make-up. I thought she did a great job with it.
Jonnie kept changing his mind and in the end he just went as a Vikings fan (:
Still rocking it.
My sister-in-law Melissa as a baby.
Melanie as Honey Boo Boo.
Jonnie with my niece Ella.
Jon's parents went as each other.
Another shot of the cool couple-haha. 
My niece Kate with Alaina.
Cora just woke up and was totally confused.  She was my sweet flower.
Jan, crazy cat lady and Jon's grandma as Cruella DeVille.

Larry the Cable Guy and Fairy Christy.
The whole gang!
The kids had fun running around in the decorated garage..
And hitting the pinata.  Mel did a great job as usual!

Cora is giving Melissa an awkward hug (:
And then forcing her hugs and kisses on Ella.

Sweet friends.
The actual night of Halloween was beautiful and fairly warm.  Jonnie just threw on a mask he had and Alaina stayed home to hand out candy.  It was different this year in that the older kids are moving away from the all the trick or treat stuff, so I am sooo happy I still have the two younger ones for many more years of Trick or Treating!

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Walter said...

I have to say, that little guy sure knows how to rock!

You've a great little family there, and I wish you all the best (I'm just a stranger passing through).