Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breakfast with dad

Cora has become quite the daddy's girl these days.  I think she really misses him since he has been working all day trying to finish up at the farm and then works overnights, so the little bit of time spent at home he is sleeping.  She has mastered saying "bye-bye dada" to him which is sweet but sad in a way.  Mostly because sometimes he just runs to garage or something and she immediately start waving and saying bye bye.
 So anyway, he has started up the tradition of eating with her when he comes home in the morning, just like he used to do with Sawyer when he was a little guy.  Cora will not get off his lap and if he is walking around she is following him around like a puppy or trying to crawl up his legs.  It's so precious and believe me he loves every minute of it!


Lorrie said...

there is no cuter baby...Dad

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