Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gnome hunt and more

This past weekend we headed up north for a little mini vacation and to visit my sister and her family.  It was so much fun hanging out with my sister and seeing the cousins have fun together.  One of the things we did was go on a gnome hunt in the woods of northern Wisconsin. This place was located close to the new house and property my sister will be buying, so it was nice to see the area. It is so beautiful there! I loved all the birch trees and woods everywhere.

For the gnome hunt we had to divide up into teams and each team went out searching every 15 minutes so that we weren't all on top of each other.  Once our team started we had an hour and half to find 50 gnomes.  So until it was our time to go, we had hotdogs, chips, cookies, hot chocolate, etc. around a bonfire.  Here Cora is just hanging out and relaxing and watching the fire.

My nephew Aidan with my older two eating their lunch.
My sister holding Cora and keeping an eye on one very busy Liam (:

They also had some games set up for us to do while we were waiting.
Waiting patiently....this was our group.  Jonnie, Aidan, and Sawyer went 15 minutes ahead of us.  
And we're off!  

The wagon was way to hard to pull through the woods so we quickly abandoned that idea and Alaina wanted to carry her.  I love Liam's face here!
And here is our first Gnome! We were all so excited to see him.
Each Gnome had a name with it and we had to write the name down on the sheet to prove you saw it.
Liam was in charge of our "plans" as he called them.  They were the map of the woods and our list of Gnomes we found.  He took his job pretty seriously!
Shortly after we started, Cora fell asleep in Alaina's arms.  She still refused to give her up!
My niece Nevie finding a Gnome-she was very into it (:
Touching the soft rocks.

And look who we ran into! They were running around like crazy trying to find all 50 before their time was up.  They didn't stick around us for long.

Still carrying Cora..

Luckily we had a wrap on hand and that made things much easier.  I really wanted to do this, but Alaina didn't want to give her up.  It's not very often Cora falls asleep in our arms anymore-so precious.
She was so cozy and slept like this for the remaining hike, so altogether she slept for about an hour and half.  Alaina loved it.
So in the end our team tied for first, but we were disqualified because we were 10 minutes late.  Oh well, it was just fun to do together.
After the hunt, we drove to Danielle's new place.  They don't actually close until mid November, but we were able to walk around and look inside the house.  It is a log home and there is a little work to be done,but it will be beautiful! The property is on 35 acres and is just beautiful.  I am so happy for them and I know this has been a dream of hers ever since she was a little girl.
She woke up and is happy to walk around for awhile.
We stayed two nights and had lots and lots of swim time! The kids were all exhausted at the end of the day from all the swimming.  We had a pool side room so it was very convenient and a lot of fun.

The last day I told Cora we go visit Danielle's chickens one last time and she kept saying, "bok, bok, bok" so I couldn't resist.  Danielle has a chicken coop at her house which is awesome.  They are so fun to watch and so tame like dogs.
Cora LOVED them.

Nevie is collecting eggs and loves her chickens.

Cora would get so excited everytime a chicken would come through the door into the chicken coop.
Chicken kisses.
Well hello there.
Here's their dog Rumi.  And that was the end of our trip. Fast but fun!
We stopped for lunch on our way home and Cora discovered ketchup and boy did she love it!

Even her pickles tasted good with ketchup!
Sawyer and Jonnie enjoying some corn dogs.

All the kids are such good travelers.  We had a great long weekend away!

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