Friday, June 3, 2011

School's Out

Hard to believe school is over for another year! I am thrilled it is finally summer, though and that much closer to meeting our little girl. I am carrying so low that it is starting to be really uncomfortable and I am just tired of being pregnant. Anyway, here are a few events from the last couple weeks of school I hadn't put on here. Some of the events were Jonnie's play day that I forgot my camera for and also Sawyer's last day of preschool.

One event was Jonnie's All-Star afternoon for his class. I think every teacher should do this and it was a great way for the kids to show off their writing and reading skills. They read us poetry and reenacted a play. They also presented us with a folder and book with all their poetry and stories they had been working on. I was very impressed! Jonnie had a pretty tough teacher this year, but he said she was one of his favorites-she really pushed them to do their best! Also, they presented the class helpers with a certificate and a plant, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive one (:

I was so, so proud when Jonnie walked up with a little boy with special needs who can't talk. Jonnie helped him push the buttons on his machine to read his poem he picked out. I was trying so hard to hold back my tears, especially at the end when all the parents were applauding and looking at Jon and I proudly. The Special Ed. teacher later told us that it was Jonnie's voice on the machine and he had worked with her on recording it. She also said we have a very special boy. I agree! He has such a big heart (:

Showing his dad his poetry and writing book. It was so sweet in the beginning of the book it said, "This book is dedicated to my dad and brother." Jon was pretty proud (:

Another event was Jonnie's spring songfest. The orchestra played for everyone their songs from the concert and since Jon wasn't able to make it to the concert, it was nice for him to hear Jonnie play at the songfest. He did a great job and he also held up a flag during one of the songs.

And we can't forget Alaina's concert. She played beautifully once again and once again I didn't get any good pictures. I'll just have to walk up near the stage and get one next time.

So now I officially have an 8th grader, a 5th grader, a preschooler, and an infant on the way! Sounds strange to me...(: Let the summer begin!


Lorrie said...

Hey, i love the random bald head in the first picture of my orchestra! Great picture mom!

Lorrie said...

Hahaha-I never even realized it and now it is all I see (: