Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday, Alaina

It's happened and it's hard to girl has turned into a teenager!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, awesome, beautiful, strong, funny, sassy daughter! We love you so much and we will not take personally what you say and do these next couple years-hahaha! Have a great day and an awesome year!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alaina! It is hard to believe that you are a teenager! Have a great day you!


Lorrie said...

Thanks 4 that litle comment on how u wont listen to me now. It's not like i dont READ this thing.

Lorrie said...

That last one was from me.


Lorrie said...

Oh, Alaina (: I just meant that now your a teenager you'll be a little more, hmmmm what's the word..."emotional" So I just won't take personally the mean things you will say to me (: I love you and will always listen to you.