Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Babies

Our babies we've been watching have hatched! After the bad storm we had the other night, Jon and I checked on the nest to find it leaning on it's side and all the eggs were on top of each other. We knew the birds would never survive if they hatched like that, so Jon rigged it up on the one side and secured it in place. I think the mama Robin was grateful (: Luckily we did that because today when we went to check on them they had hatched. Well, all except one and Sawyer must have checked it about dozen times today and was a little worried the bird couldn't get out. Hopefully in the morning it will be hatched.

I'm also surprised Sawyer thought they were soooo cute, even with no feathers...he is a true animal lover (:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, cool picture. I knew you couldn't resist checking on the nest!