Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our yard is no longer safe...

Dex is out enjoying a beautiful spring day. Little did he know....

That something was watching him very closely.

Until all Robin fury was unleashed on him! (Notice the bird above his back)

"Hey, what was that for?"

She must of dove into his back 50 times and after the first 10, Dex didn't even seem to notice. Sawyer and I were laughing so hard-especially when we noticed the fur on his back was sticking up and messy from her claws (:

She must of really thought Dex was a threat to her babies. They now have some feathers and are growing bigger every day.

As the mama bird was protecting her babies, Sawyer felt the need to protect his buddy, too.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Dex is so mellow, he probably didn't know, or care, what was going on!


Lorrie said...

Poor boy, I can't even let him out in the backyard now and the Robin is attacking him. I can't figure out if it's the same one or not (: He just kind of ducks and goes about his business!

Anonymous said...

Jon sounds kind of bitter towards the mama robin. He fixed her nest so her chicks would be safe, and then she attacks HIS family!