Sunday, August 1, 2010

July wrap-up

July came and went in a blur it seems. I remember summers that dragged on forever growing up, but now they seem to fly by faster and faster. Here are a few highlights of the month since it seems I haven't been blogging as of late. Plus, my geriatric computer has been giving me issues and it is not always easy posting pictures-time to retire this old thing.

We've been busy at the pool, lake, sprinklers, and slip and slide. Anything to keep cool. I will have to start bringing my camera around with me more to capture all the moments, but I have been on a camera break these days.

I've watched my nephews Levi and Tucker a couple times and loved having them to myself for the day.

Fourth of July came and went and we lit fireworks over at the in-laws again and then went to Fireworks that night, but stayed parked in our car as the mosquitoes were so bad. We talked about heading to Duluth or the cities next year to show the kids some really great fireworks. We'll see if it happens. Sawyer still hates them as you can see and Jonnie loves them a little too much.

Jonnie finished up his baseball season. He went from loving it, to hating it, to back to liking it again. He struggled this year with confidence as there were some pretty great players on his team. His coaches were awesome and stressed that they were there for fun and winning didn't matter. I think it finally hit Jonnie in the end and he enjoyed himself more. He still wants to do it again next year-so far. His team ended up in 4th place after playoffs, so not bad!

Sawyer learned to go under water and has turned into a little fish. It's nice to have one of the kids not fearful of water at that age!

And the final pictures are of a family reunion on a houseboat on Green Lake. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by beautiful family! We all had a good time relaxing and eating snacks.

I am hoping to have a similar picture of Jon and I on a tropical island some day. A girl can dream can't she?

I am sure there were other highlights, but that is all I can think of (and took pictures of)at the moment. Hopefully, August will slow down a bit! I have started tutoring again this month, and Jonnie starts orchestra lessons in a week or so, so I am sure it will fly by again. Alaina is staying at her cousin Kate's for the week and having fun and she will return for Pennock fun days next weekend. The house definitely feels different without her!

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Anonymous said...

Super cute picture of Levi (the last pic)! Sawyer is more of a fish than that picture shows. He is very brave in the water for sure.