Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally, canoing

Jonnie and I were signed up to go canoing back in May, but it was postponed until June. June came and it was postponed until July. July came and you guessed it, postponed until August. Well, it finally came and it wasn't canceled! We were excited to finally get to go canoing together.

Here's Jonnie all ready to go. We listened to a quick lesson and then we were on our way.

It was really peaceful and beautiful out there in the wetlands. I was loving it.

Jonnie was, too.

We canoed through different channels....

and through the weeds....this was so funny and the more I laughed the less strength I had to get us out of the weeds.

Our leader yelled for all of us to follow him through this really thin channel out to the open water. Jonnie and I were the last ones to try to get to the channel and all of a sudden the winds came up and we had no control over where the canoe went. We were trapped in the weeds and when we finally got out we would just end up in another pile of weeds-it was exhausting but so hysterical. We never made it to the open water with all the others, which we found out later was probably best since they were all pushed into the weeds over there, too. To top things off it started pouring rain, which honestly made me laugh even more. We finally got to learn to canoe and it pours!

So, even though it was technically a disaster, I had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back. Plus, it was awesome to spend time with my Jonnie.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Hunter can't wait to take Jonnie in the new boat sometime. He sure loves Jonnie lately.


Lorrie said...

Sawyer's the same way and copies everything he does. It must be the age difference and they idolize him (:

Chris said...

So funny! I started giggling at the picture of you in the weeds. I can just hear Jonnie laughing at his mom!! Reminds me of our first skiing adventure together...more laughing at each other than skiing.