Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Days were here again.

Our town's Fun Days were here again and we all had a good time. The kids' still love everything about it (:

On Friday the boys brought Dex up to the pet show. He was a stubborn mule and wouldn't sit or shake or anything, he just sat there like the big lazy dog that he is. They didn't do ribbons this year either, which kind of bummed us out. All the entries received a t-shirt, which is something, but it is always fun to hear what award each one receives.

Later that evening was the antique tractor parade and the men were in it again with their sons. Here's Tim and Tucker. Sorry, Mel I didn't get a picture of Hunter. He was turned away and then I lost the shot.

Here are my boys. I tried to get a great picture to blow up for Jon but didn't quite capture it. It's so fun to see them put-puttin down the road together (:

Here's my attempt at another posed picture. Still not the greatest.

The next morning was the town parade and this year we did a "corn and beans" theme and all wore our Jon Deere t-shirts. I thought it turned out cute.

Melissa and Levi.

Alaina, Jonnie, and Sawyer waiting for the parade to begin.

Kate's butt (:

After the parade, the kids went on the bouncy houses. Here Jonnie was giving Sawyer some pointers.

Sawyer had a blast and thought it was so fun, until.....

The end and he was terrified to slide down the slide. Jonnie had to quick get up there and rescue him. His face says it all-hahahaha!

The bouncy castle was much better and not scary at all (:

Next onto the pedal tractor pulls. This was Sawyer's first year and he was so interested in looking all around at everything that was happening. It was adorable and even though he didn't get very far, he sure looked like he was giving it his all!

Jonnie was up later and struggled a little this year. I think he needs to start riding his bike more and not his motor bike to build up his leg muscles again, right Jonnie?

I love his face here as it says, "man, that was tough!"

He still got third, but wasn't too happy he was beaten by a girl, he said. I was proud of her (:

So, overall it was a fun day. This was the day before I found out I had pneumonia and was deathly sick by this evening. I even cried myself to sleep that night because I felt so horrible. But, two weeks and minus 4 pounds later, I am finally feeling better! I am now fighting dizziness and upset stomach from the meds, so can't wait to be done with everything! We are slowly getting ourselves organized for school and just registered Alaina for 7th grade today-it's coming up way too fast!


Anonymous said...

Lorrie, These are great pictures. I love how Jonnie looks after Sawyer, what a good big brother. Looks like a fun day.

Lorrie said...

Thanks Sandy! He really is a good big brother, always looking out for Sawyer.