Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures and more...

It feels like we should be preparing for Thanksgiving still. What is happening with this year? It is going by in a blur.

We spent Thanksgiving day on my in-laws side. Lot of great people, food, and fun!

Here are the kids at their table. I love when the cousins can get together and have fun.

Some of the adults...

After eating all the kids had fun just running around all the open space. We had it at the church again. Here are the 3 oldest taking care of the youngest-Levi.

I honestly had about 100 pictures of the gingerbread houses and I know you would all love to see them, but.... I only picked out a couple (:



and Alaina's. They had so much fun!
On to my family. We got together the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I love seeing everyone and always wish they lived closer. Here is Liam-he is so adorable and looking at these pictures, I cannot wait to see him on Christmas!!!!
Raquel (my niece) brought her boyfriend, Joe. I really liked him and thought he was a great guy!
Here's Nevie, Alaina, Courtney, and Raquel. I realized out of all the pictures I took here I didn't get any of Jonnie and Aidan. Those two love to just run around and Jonnie does all he can to make Aidan laugh-some things not so funny in my opinion (:

My parents.

Danielle and Liam.
Here's the adults-Jon couldn't make it as he was in a mad rush to get the harvest out, so he missed out. Food was delicious!

Sawyer took this picture of my dad and I told him that I am going to blow it up and hang it by his bed. He didn't think that was such a good idea.
On Sunday, we decided to put up the tree. I was not into the Christmas spirit yet and had to clean the house before I thought about it, but the kids brought up the tree and all the decorations and put it together while I cleaned and rearranged. It worked out great and there excitement made me get into, too. It's nice that they are older now and help me out (:

They LOVE going through their own ornaments.

Dex checking out the tree.

Sawyer insisted on holding the cane and I had no other choice if I wanted him the picture (:

Now we are onto Christmas activities galore and I will post as many as I can. Last weekend we went to my Mom-in-laws work Christmas party but I forgot my camera. Tis the Season!

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Maja said...

Ahhhh, I love it! I want to be in Minnesota right NOW and see you guys! OH my gosh, Alaina is absolutely gorgeous. She gets prettier in every picture shoot! The one where she's holding baby Levi looks so much like you, Lorrie. I'm so excited to see you guys...