Monday, December 21, 2009

Church Christmas Program and Lady of Leisure

Another year down and we pulled off another Christmas program. We always wonder if it will come together, but in the end it always turns out cute (if not perfect). I just love all the kids in Sunday School-they worked so hard!

Here's the bunch during a Christmas song....

Alaina performed a Cello solo to "Little Town of Bethlehem" and I couldn't of been more proud and a little choked up. She practiced for weeks and I think she did a fantastic job!
Heeeere's Jonnie (that never gets old, does it?). He was a shepherd and honestly these 4 boys did a fantastic job. They all had their lines memorized weeks ago and they all spoke so nice and loud. My favorite line of his was when he said "we should of offered them a cup o' tea...."

Alaina had some lines, as well. She had a lot to memorize and did a great job, too! I love that she picked out a fancy dress for her Christmas outfit-she looked beautiful!
She also closed the program with a prayer. Way to go you two! You make your mom and dad very proud!!
Last week, Sawyer and I attended my mom's retirement party. Strange that she is retired!! She looked beautiful. There's Sawyer hiding in the brush (:

She received an adorable quilt from one of the other nurses. It was so cute and the highlight of my mom's day. Congrats again, mom! Enjoy your life of leisure (:

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