Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning and the kids woke up around 8:30....not too early. They had already checked everything out before they woke us up and Sawyer came into our room yelling, "Santa came and ate the cookies!" with a wide eyed face. So adorable to watch his excitement this year.

I always make them walk down the stairs together as if they just woke up (: Growing up my parents always made us wait at the top of the stairs until they had the camera ready, etc. and we always had pictures of us all coming down stairs together, so now I make my kids do the same thing. (:
Looks like someone needed to get his super powers on to open presents!
All ready!
Alaina opened up some earrings and a necklace from her daddy.
Boy was he excited to open this Jersey.
Super Sawyer to the rescue!

Each of the kids got inflatable sleds. Let's hope this winter isn't too cold and we can use them a lot.
Sawyer got a pair of drum sticks that make noise when he drums.
Alaina's modeling clay and tools. This should keep her busy for awhile.
Jonnie was so excited to open his electric guitar. It's cool because you can plug it into a cd player or MP3 player and play along.
Now onto stockings-the chocolate truffles were the big hit!
Dex got some treats, too!
Another tradition growing up my mom always made doughdies (sp?) so I decided to make them for my family and maybe start a new tradition on x-mas morning. They are basically fried bread that you dip in heavy syrup. I love them and was happy when Jon loved them, too.
The kids on the other hand didn't love them, but they tried them and each ate about 1. Maybe it is an acquired taste and next year they will like them more.
The rest of the day was spent at home this year as it snowed all day and our Christmas was cancelled. I actually loved just having a quiet day at home with my family. The kids were able to relax and play with there new stuff, we watched their new movies, and played a fun game of Pictionary. The best part was playing outside with the kids in all the new snow and since it was only around 30 degrees we were out there for hours. Alaina and I made a cool snow fort which was the highlight of our day (:

Overall, it was a fabulous day. The only down part was my brother was visiting from Washington and was at my mothers, and I wasn't able to visit them that day as I was scared the roads would be bad. But I saw him the next day sledding which was a lot of fun!

Hope everyone else had a very merry day! Tomorrow, Christmas on my side (the Sunday after).

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