Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Jonnie!

Twelve years ago at 9:57 am my first son entered the world. 
I was amazed at this beautiful boy I held in my arms.  I couldn't believe how fiercely I loved you right from the start.  I never wanted anyone to take you away from me and I remember for the first few days you never cried, but made a high pitched squeaking noise that was so precious. 

I have been madly in love with this boy ever since that first day I saw him.  He has a huge heart that so easily loves and so easily breaks.  He is so helpful and kind and would not intentionally hurt anyone (not including his sister).
He has always been a giggler and easily laughs at anything.  Now that he is older, I love his sense of humor and jokes...even when it is not appropriate!
I am told we are a lot alike, so maybe that is why I can relate to him so much and also butt heads with him over the littlest things.  I think he is an amazing young man and I look forward to seeing him grow and accomplish many things in the future.
I am so proud of you Jon, you are truly the sun in my life and the noise in our house and I would not change one thing about you.  Life would be pretty dull without you in it.  I love you so much.
Happy Birthday, I nuv nu.

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Alaina said...

Awwwww.... he was so cute! Nuv nu is funny, haven't heard it in forever!