Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!

 The kids are back at school and I'm amazed at how much they change each year.
My oldest is now in High School. Yes, High School.  She has always been mature for her age, so I think she will love it and feel like she fits in a little more.  She is such a good kid and I am so lucky with this one (: 
My oldest son is starting Middle School.  He is very excited to leave elementary school and feel like a big kid.  I think he'll do great and seems to fit right in wherever he goes (:
They also get to ride the bus together this year and they like having someone to stand with at the bus stop.
My little guy started Kindergarten a couple days later and he was ready and excited!

He is not a big cryer and that made it easy for me.  I didn't actually cry until I left and got back in the car and then I couldn't stop the tears! He seemed nervous, but fine and no tears from him.

Here is his awesome teacher Mrs. Hulscher.  She will be hard to beat next year. She is making his Kindergarten year a wonderful experience!
And here he is at his table, ready to start the day! He had a great first day and was excited to go back the next day-yay!
The kids are actually a couple weeks into school and it has been going great for all three.  They are all loving their new schools! This makes a mom very happy (:

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