Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Think Pink!

Well, I am half-way through this pregnancy, which honestly seems like I should be due next month or something as I feel I've been pregnant for a very long time already. It must have to do with this never ending winter and as soon as spring comes (any day now right?) things will move along faster. I hope.

And now onto the whole point of this blog post...Jon and I went to the doctor for my ultrasound and check-up yesterday. We were both so excited to see this little one and were so amazed by how improved the U/S have become even since Sawyer was born. She (the u/s tech)even zoomed in on the face and we could not only see the eye sockets, but the lenses moving around, as well. It was a little creepy, but cool at the same time.

Baby looked awesome and adorable and I was very relieved to see that all the measurements looked good and we counted all the fingers and toes. We told her right away we weren't 100% sure we wanted to know the sex, so I gave her some paper and an envelope to put the answer in so I had that option later. Well, once she sealed the envelope and handed it to Jon, it was like the elephant in the room and all I could think about. He made the mistake of giving it to me to put in my purse and when I was sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor, I took it out and held it up to the light, hoping to maybe see through the envelope. Well, I couldn't but I did however see a G imprinted on the envelope and on closer examination I could see an i and an r. I wasn't totally convinced, yet and thought maybe I was seeing things. I showed Jon right away after my exam and he said, "Only you would notice that!" So we decided to open it up and see and sure enough it said GIRL!! What happened was as she was writing girl on the paper she was pushing so hard that it imprinted on the envelope underneath the paper. So funny that that happened and I said it was just meant to be that I find out. As soon I knew it was a girl, I couldn't stop crying and realized then how much I wanted a little girl. I was relieved for Alaina to have a sister and also that Sawyer can stay my baby boy. It all worked out so perfectly and balanced for all of us! Jon is beyond excited and sweetly said, "now I feel like I have to worry about you more and take more care with you knowing there is a little girl in there." I thought it was sweet, even though I am no more fragile with a girl than a little boy (:

So it looks like pink, dresses, hair bows, etc. are in our future and I can't wait! now on to picking out a name. Nothing has jumped out at me yet and honestly we already had a couple boy names on the list. It seems a lot harder to pick girl names for me for some reason.

And here she is. I think she looks adorable already (:

And here she is looking at us and waving.

So if you hear any cute girl names, pass them along!


Peace is every step said...

I've been calling her by the name I told you ever since we talked....it's a keeper I think ;).

ARe you going to rename your blog? Or have one more kid to stay fantasticly accurate?

Lorrie said...

No, we are done at 4 (; I could change it to Fantastic 4, I guess. Then I could keep the fantastic.
I told Jon the name to a lukewarm response, but he always starts out that way. We'll see. I heard another cute one last night, but Jon told me he works with a large lesbian with the same name, so he can't see past that. Why does the naming have to be sooo hard!