Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. We headed to Spicer for the parade with my parents. It was nice and cloudy and cool. Perfect for a parade! Here is Alaina dressed for the day.

Here's Sawyer waiting to get some candy. He loved the big trucks and anything motorized. He kept saying, "sweet." Where did he learn that word? Probably his big brother.
Jonnie is all about getting the most candy possible!
Grandpa Worm helping get candy for Sawyer.
4th of July is not a fun holiday when you don't like noises. Poor boy.

Later that day we went to friend's cabin on Diamond Lake. I hadn't been there in years and forgot how nice that lake is. It was just beautiful and really makes me want a lake cabin (:

Here Alaina is looking for treasures and Sawyer was just happy to swim and show off his butt crack.
Shortly after we arrived, Sawyer made a new friend that wouldn't leave his side. It was adorable. The dog would dig rocks out of the water and dunk his head under to get at them. Sawyer would throw rocks for him, too and the dog would catch them-it would make me cringe every time hearing the rocks in his teeth.
Sawyer made another friend that was stuck to his foot-it was a tiny little leach!! I was horrified and luckily there was a man standing there to help out this damsel in distress. I was shocked he could get a leach-ewwwwwww!
The fireworks were starting all over and we weren't sure at this point how the night would go. After awhile he did get used to them...a little.
I love this picture-he's just hanging out.
Jonnie LOVES any fireworks. When the big ones started going off he was screaming and cheering. It was so fun seeing his joy.

Shortly after this, I put Sawyer on my lap and covered his ears with his blanket which helped a lot and he loved it then. What was really cool is a couple cabins try to out do each other every year and had some awesome fireworks all around us. It was better than going to professional fireworks. I kept thinking in this economy it's surprising that so many people paid thousands for the them. I guess they are not the people effected by economic challenges (:
We had a fun day and night. Oh, I should tell you one more story. When we were about to leave (it was about 11:30) and Jon pointed out that one of the trees had a face on it to Sawyer. Sawyer looked at it for about 5 seconds and then he let out a blood curdling scream! I have never heard anything like that come out of him before. It sounded like a horror movie scream-IT WAS HYSTERICAL!! I was laughing so hard and trying to console him at the same time and explain that it was pretend. All he would do is hide his face in Jon's neck. On the ride home he said quielty, "that tree was fweaky." Which made me laugh all over again. We still can't talk about it today. I so wish I had a video camera at that moment.

Anyway, hope everyone else had a happy 4th!

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